QCon London 2010 Videos

It’s been a couple of months now since QCon London (check out my previous blog post on The QCon London 2010 Experience) and some session videos are starting to make their way out on InfoQ. With a lot of great content, they’re well worth checking out.

I’ve re-watched the sessions I attended and enjoyed them as much the second time round as I did the first time.
The State of the Art on .NET by Josh Graham and Amanda Laucher.
Code Leaders and Beautiful Teams by Roy Osherove.
Testing C# and ASP.NET Applications Using Ruby by Ben Hall.

One session I didn’t get to attend as I chose to stay on a different track was From Dev To Production Through Build Pipelines and Teamwork by Sam Newman who has a style of talk that I really enjoy, so I would have liked to have attended that one in hindsight.

Update (more session videos available):
Scale at Facebook by Aditya Agarwal.
Bad Code, Craftmanship, Engineering and Certification by Robert C. Martin.
The Wizardry of Scaling by Oren Eini (aka Ayende Rahien).
Save the Day with Noda Time by Jon Skeet.

So, check’em out, share them with your team, and keep an eye out for the others as they are made available. Chop chop!

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