.NET Project File Analyser

I’ve started knocking together a little app to automate the process of trawling through a folder structure and checking .NET project files (C# .csproj currently) to extract some info out of them. The DotNetProjectFileAnalyser repo is up on GitHub. I’ve been working against Visual Studio 2010 project files, but could well work for other versions assuming the project file structure is the same for the elements it currently looks at - I just haven’t tried as yet.
Currently, it will generate an output file detailing for each .csproj file it finds:

  • Build output directory (relative and absolute) for the configuration/platform specified (e.g. Debug AnyCpu). Useful if you want find which projects you need to change to build to a central/common build directory.
  • List of all Project Reference dependencies (as opposed to assembly references). Useful if you want to find the projects that have Project References so you can switch them to assembly references


DotNetProjectFileAnalyser.exe {RootDirectory} {Configuration} {Path}  
{RootDirectory} = start directory to trawl for .csproj files (including subdirectories)  
{Configuration} = as defined in VS, e.g. Debug, Release  
{Platform} = as defined in VS, e.g. AnyCpu  


DotNetProjectFileAnalyser.exe "C:\src\" "Debug" "AnyCpu"  

More stuff will go in over time, with ability to automatically update csproj files as well to save a lot of manual effort.

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