Monitoring Azure Function Consumption Plan Instance Scale Out

With the Consumption Plan hosting model for Azure Functions, we can take advantage of event-driven scaling to automatically spin up extra instances of a Function app based on load. In this post, we’ll cover how you can view this in real-time and also how to chart the scaled-out instances retrospectively over time.

Real-time instance monitoring

We can look at how many instances the Function App has scaled out to in real-time, by drilling through to the Live Metrics from within the Function App in the Azure Portal:

  1. Go to Monitoring -> Log Stream in the side menu
  2. Select “Open In Live Metrics” which takes us to this view:
  3. In the Role dropdown, choose your Function App, just to make sure you’re only looking at the one you’re interested in
  4. The Servers section at the bottom of the view lists the instances.

We can now watch in real-time as instances of our Function App are added and removed in response to load.

This is a great view, but if we want to see some stats retrospectively - as a chart over time on a dashboard for example - it doesn’t serve that purpose.

Monitoring instance scale-out over time

We can get the information using a custom KQL query, and plot the instance count over time. In this case, we’re going to get a count for every 15 minute window in the past 24 hours and plot that in a time chart.

Within the Function App in the Portal:

  1. Go to Monitoring -> Logs
  2. Run this query, swapping in the name of your Function App to match on cloud_RoleName:
range _bin from bin(ago(1d), 15m) to bin(now(), 15m) step 15m
| join kind = leftouter 
| where cloud_RoleName == 'adathedev-consumptionplanmonitoring' and timestamp >= ago(1d)
| extend _bin = bin(timestamp, 15m)
| distinct cloud_RoleInstance, _bin
| summarize count() by _bin
 on _bin
| project Time = _bin, ["Instance Count"] = iif(count_ > 0, count_, 0)
| order by Time
| render timechart 
  1. Profit!

And here’s the result:

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