Upcoming SQLSoton UG - 6th July 2011

The next SQLSoton (twitter) UserGroup meet is coming up on Wednesday 6th July. Matt Whitfield (twitter) will be presenting some “notes from the field” and Alex Whittles (twitter | blog) will be giving a talk on automating cube documentation with SSRS, DMV & spatial data.

Don’t forget to register!

Oh, and did I forget to mention? There’s an XBox up for grabs. See you there? Thought so :)

SQLSoton UG March 2011

Last night saw another gathering of the SQL Server Southampton UserGroup, with Gavin Payne (Twitter | Blog) making the trip down to give a talk on replication, his first since joining Coeo. As a developer, I’ve had very little exposure to replication and have seen it as some form of dark art. I’ve never scratched much past the surface. Over the past couple of months of getting up to speed with MongoDB, I’ve dived far deeper into replication within that than I ever have in SQL Server in 10 years+ that I’ve been using it which is quite a strange feeling, thinking about it like that. [Read More]

Upcoming SQLSoton UG - 9th March 2011

Quick reminder that the next SQLSoton (twitter) UserGroup meet is fast approaching on Wednesday 9th March. Gavin Payne (twitter | blog) will be making his way down to Southampton to give us a talk on replication: For those who have never had the chance to use SQL Server’s replication features, or perhaps only manage an existing implementation of it, this session will give you an overview of the different replication services SQL Server offers, some background into the primary and secondary design goals each, along with some considerations for deployment and in-life management. [Read More]

SQLSoton UserGroup Room Change from March

Due to the success of the SQL Southampton User Group and based on the feedback/opinions of those who have attended, the room the group is held in is changing. It’s still in the same venue, Avenue St Andrews United Reformed Church, but instead of being in the Upper Room as per the last few meets, it will be in St Andrew’s Hall. This gives a bigger, more flexible room. The now famous #SQLSoton signs will be in place to direct as per usual - still round via the back carpark but a different entrance now. [Read More]

SQLSoton UserGroup Jan 2011

After the success of the first ever SQL Server Southampton UserGroup this month, the next is planned for Wednesday 19th January 2011 with Christian Bolton (Blog| Twitter) doing a talk on “Exploring SQL Server’s Architecture”. Followed by SQL Supper - a chance to eat pizza and discuss anything SQL Server related. Got a niggle at work you’d like 2nd/3rd/nth opinions on? Perfect opportunity. Just want to network and have a casual chat? [Read More]

SQL Server Southampton UserGroup

Last night was the first SQL Server Southampton UserGroup (#sqlsoton for those on twitter) organised by Mark Pryce-Maher (Twitter | Blog). It’s a difficult job trying to get a local usergroup up and running especially when it’s difficult to reach out to local professionals and get a firm idea of who’s going to come, and so credit to Mark for making it happen. Cap’n, we have no power Despite projector/power lead problems (and there being a million and one kettles in the hired room, none with suitable lead! [Read More]

Long time no post

It’s been a while since my last blog post, with good reason as September saw the arrival of my first child - a beautiful baby girl. It did mean I had to miss SQLBits 7 up in York, but of course that pales into insignificance when comparing to becoming a Dad for the first time! Besides, there’s always SQLBits 8…(cough bring it to the south coast! cough). Now I’m back at work after paternity leave and I’m starting to get back in the swing of things. [Read More]