.NET Admin GUI for MongoDB

Having just started out fiddling around with MongoDB from .NET, finding a GUI over the top of MongoDB to help me out while I find my feet was one of the first things I looked for. And I’ve been using the first tool I found : MongoVUE - there undoubtedly are others out there, but at the moment I’ve found no reason to continue searching.

Can it do everything I want it to?

Well, that would involve me knowing all the things I would want it to do - as I’m just finding my feet with MongoDB, I honestly don’t know :) But so far, so good. It’s proved to be a very handy tool.

It’s free and just requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 (as of time of writing this). If you’re in the same boat/dinghy as me, then I recommend at least checking out this tool to evaluate for yourself.

If you know of other MongoDB-related tools that you have used and can recommend, please feel free to ping me via a comment / twitter / email.

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