SqlBits 8 - Upcoming SQL Server event

So SQLBits 8 has been announced and is going to be beside the seaside (so maybe it should be called SeaQLBits) in that there Brighton at The Grand, from Thursday 7th April to Saturday 9th April 2011. If you’re reading my blog, then there’s a pretty strong chance you use SQL Server in which case without a doubt, SQLBits will have a lot to offer you. Chalk it down in your calendar. [Read More]

SQLBits 6 videos available

First tweet I say today was a great one - the SQLBits 6 videos are now available. Good news from Simon Sabin (Blog | Twitter) - thanks once again, and to the whole SQLBits team. If you were there, then no doubt you’re like me and keen to either catch the sessions you didn’t attend or re-watch some sessions you did attend. If you weren’t there, then even more reason to check them out (list of sessions). [Read More]

The SQLBits VI Experience

I had high expectations about SQLBits VI and it certainly lived up to it! Not only did it have great speakers, who really know their stuff and have an effortless way of getting the information across, but it was also free. So it goes without saying that it was a popular event. There were 4 sessions going on at any one time with a theme of performance and scalability and plenty of choice across DBA, Dev and BI areas. [Read More]

SQLBits VI - Upcoming SQL Server event

SQLBits VI is scheduled in my calendar for Friday 16th April - and I’m expecting great things! It’s a 1 day, SQL Server event being held in London (Westminster to be semi-precise), and the theme is performance and scalability which, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, is particularly high on my agenda at the moment. Not only does it offer high quality speakers, but it’s a free event too. [Read More]