OS CodePoint Data Geography Load Update

Following on from my previous post on loading the Ordnance Survey Code-Point data for GB post codes to SQL Server and converting to the GEOGRAPHY data type, I’ve made a few tweaks to the importer app that is up on GitHub: The schema of the SQL Server table generated has changed - postcodes are now split into 2 distinct columns: OutwardCode and InwardCode The importer now calculates a basic average for each postcode district (e. [Read More]

GB Post Code Geographic Data Load to SQL Server using .NET

Ordnance Survey now make available a number of mapping data/geographic datasets to download for free, allowing unrestricted use for commercial and non-commercial use. One of these is the Code-Point Open dataset, which gives a precise geographic location of each post code in Great Britain as a CSV file. This file contains the Easting and Northing coordinates for each postcode. You may want to convert these to Latitude/Longitude coordinates to then load into a GEOGRAPHY column in SQL Server (as of 2008) and do all kinds of spatial wizardry in the database. [Read More]