Trust your developer instinct and experience

That feature you’re implementing, that bug you’re fixing, that performance improvement you’re trying to make…it’s using up a fair few brain CPU cycles trying to analyse how best to implement it. Scalability, performance, ease of maintenance, clean code…just some of the things you are mentally scoring your potential approaches against to determine which route to take. And that’s without any mention of business domain logic. We’ve all been in the situation where you start heading down one path only to find a hurdle. [Read More]

Ways to improve technical skills

It’s nearly the end of my first week as a blogger. Already I’m feeling the benefits of finally getting round to starting up my blog. It got me thinking about what the best ways are to continue developing your skills and learning new things. For me, there are 3 particular ways that I find are invaluable if you want to keep yourself on your toes technically: Learn by doing - often you learn my making mistakes. [Read More]