SSMS Tools Pack

Today I downloaded and installed the SSMS Tools Pack, a free add-in for SQL Server Management Studio developed by Mladen Prajdić (Blog | Twitter).

Late to the party…and not even fashionably late

Yes I know, I know - everyone uses the SSMS Tools Pack and I’m well aware I’m late to the party! Fail whale on my part. It’s one of those things I bookmarked a long time ago and just never got round to actually trying out. Lesson being - spend 2 mins to give something that looks good, a quick try as soon as you first find out about it. If it does turn out to be good (which this add-in is, it’s awesome), that will repay itself in terms of greater productivity. And will prevent the “I should have done this earlier” facepalm.

So if you are even later to the party than I am, check out the feature list and then head on to download it. Personally, the support for snippets and window connection colouring has had an immediate impact for me.

Cheers Mladen - awesome work!

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