Thursday, 21 October 2010

SQLBits 6 videos available

First tweet I say today was a great one - the SQLBits 6 videos are now available. Good news from Simon Sabin (Blog | Twitter) - thanks once again, and to the whole SQLBits team.

If you were there, then no doubt you're like me and keen to either catch the sessions you didn't attend or re-watch some sessions you did attend.

If you weren't there, then even more reason to check them out (list of sessions). You might also want to check up my blog post about the conference from back in April.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

SSMS Tools Pack

Today I downloaded and installed the SSMS Tools Pack, a free add-in for SQL Server Management Studio developed by Mladen Prajdić (Blog | Twitter).

Late to the party...and not even fashionably late

Yes I know, I know - everyone uses the SSMS Tools Pack and I'm well aware I'm late to the party! Fail whale on my part. It's one of those things I bookmarked a long time ago and just never got round to actually trying out. Lesson being - spend 2 mins to give something that looks good, a quick try as soon as you first find out about it. If it does turn out to be good (which this add-in is, it's awesome), that will repay itself in terms of greater productivity. And will prevent the "I should have done this earlier" facepalm.

So if you are even later to the party than I am, check out the feature list and then head on to download it. Personally, the support for snippets and window connection colouring has had an immediate impact for me.

Cheers Mladen - awesome work!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Long time no post

It's been a while since my last blog post, with good reason as September saw the arrival of my first child - a beautiful baby girl. It did mean I had to miss SQLBits 7 up in York, but of course that pales into insignificance when comparing to becoming a Dad for the first time! Besides, there's always SQLBits 8...(*cough* bring it to the south coast! *cough*). Now I'm back at work after paternity leave and I'm starting to get back in the swing of things.

Southampton SQL Server User Group, interested?

Last week, I saw a tweet by @tsqltidy trying to gauge interest for an SQL Server UserGroup in Hampshire. This is something I thought about earlier this year, so I'm very keen to show my support for this as I think this area is calling out for something more local. I have travelled up to the Microsoft Campus in Reading to attend a UG there, but would be great to have a UG a bit more local. If you're in Hampshire and think you'd be interested, please show your interest! Either ping me via email/twitter (@AdaTheDev) or, if you're on LinkedIn and in the "UK SQL Server User Group" group there's a discussion in there started by Neil Hambly (@Neil_Hambly). I for one am hoping that the birth of my daughter will be followed by the birth of a new local SQL Server User Group!