SQLBits VI - Upcoming SQL Server event

SQLBits VI is scheduled in my calendar for Friday 16th April - and I’m expecting great things! It’s a 1 day, SQL Server event being held in London (Westminster to be semi-precise), and the theme is performance and scalability which, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, is particularly high on my agenda at the moment.

Not only does it offer high quality speakers, but it’s a free event too. What more could you want? Although I haven’t attended an SQL Bits event before, it promises to be well worth the journey up to London. As soon as registration is open I know I’ll be signing up pretty quickly. The list of sessions that have been submitted so far can be found here and there looks to be a good mix already.

As a developer, I’m particularly interested in the Dev sessions but also, I find myself very interested in the DBA sessions that have been submitted. I always market myself as an SQL Server Developer, not a DBA - that’s what I am. However, increasingly I find myself straying into the realms of the DBA, especially recently. I like to think that adds to the quality and scalability of solutions I work on.

So if SQL Server is your thing and you can make it to London for it, you should register!

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